Legaltech in Poland from a distance – meetup materials – #legaltechpolska14

On October 15, 2020, the 14th meeting of LegalTech Polska Meetup took place – for the second time in the online version only.

The meeting was divided into two parts. The first one – due to the participation of guests from abroad – in English, the second one in Polish.

The meeting was aimed at presenting new legaltech products offered on the Polish market by foreign companies.

Noteworthy is the first presentation in Poland of SingleCase from the Czech Republic and presentation of Amberlo from Lithuania.

There were also 3 presentations of products for contract creation and management: Avokaado from Estonia, Legito from Czech Republic and from Poland.

A presentation by Roman Koch was also very interesting, during which he shared his experience in testing 8 AI products for contract analysis.

2 the last presentations from the original agenda were moved to the next meeting on November 18.

173 people registered for the meeting, attended about 90.


1)Mariana Hagström – Founder & CEO, Avokaado – Successful legal tech implementation: proven use cases and worked-out methodology for law firms and in-house legal teams

2) Artur Fiodorov – – SaaS enabled marketplace of lawyers and lawbots from Estonia

3) Roman Kaczyński – Legito intelligent documents from the Czechia

4) Roman Koch – Bridgestone Experience from testing AI tools for contract analysis

5) Lucie Tvarůžková i Pavel Krkoška – SingleCase – law firm management platform from Czechia – Why the most successful law firms in Czechia and Slovak switch to SingleCase?

6) Aidas Kavaliauskas – Amberlo case study –  how a Polish law firm has increased billable hours by more than 25% – software for managing a law firm from Lithuania 25% – oprogramowanie do zarządzania kancelarią z Litwy

7) Kuba Barwaniec i Eliza Rejter – – Digitalisation of contracts in the sale support – case study of Pergamin’s implementation in Profitowi SA (Aegon Group)

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