18 April 2017

About LegalTechPolska

LegalTech Polska was established in May 2017. Since Autumn 2017 it operates in a form of foundation.

Presentation in English about the Foundation’s activity: LegalTech Polska – who we are what we do September 2019

LegalTech Polska is an initiative dedicated to sharing knowledge and support of projects related to 

  • “Tech for Law” – the digitalization and the development of technology used in the provision of legal services and
  • “Law for Tech” – legal aspects of using technology in business and daily life.

LegalTech Polska organises meetups, shares knowledge and facilitates the development of legaltech community in Poland.

In 2018 Legaltech Polska published a report on the use of IT technology by Polish lawyers.

LegalTech Polska is an initiative for lawyers and any person interested in new technology.

We invite:

• lawyers from law firm,

• in-house lawyers,

• businesses using legal services,

• businesses planning to provide services or products to the legal industry,

• investors planning to invest in such projects,

• individuals interested in pro-bono legal services provision,

• individuals interested in digitalization of legal services and the justice system,

• academics engaging in the above topic,

• everyone interested in the legal issues related to technology.


Tomasz Zalewski


Tel. +48 502 18 45 96

Also, please consider joining the LegalTech Polska Group at the MeetUp site.

4 thoughts on “About LegalTechPolska

  • Szanowny Panie,
    Kto jest fundatorem Państwa fundacji.
    W wolnej chwili prosiłbym o dłuższą rozmowę telefoniczną.

  • A jak to się ma do Kodeksów Etyki zawodów prawniczych VS zakazy reklamowania się itp? Czy jest to na takim szczeblu omawiane z KIRP lub NRA?

    • Fundacja współpracuje z samorządem radcowskim, ale jest całkowicie niezależna. Jej aktywność nie podlega zakazom reklamy, gdyż Fundacja nie świadczy pomocy prawnej.

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