18 April 2017

About LegalTechPolska

LegalTech Polska was established in May 2017.

LegalTech Polska is a forum dedicated to all things “LegalTech”, in particular to talks revolving around two subjects:

“Tech for Law” – the digitalization and the development of technology used in the provision of legal services; and

“Law for Tech” – laws related to the use of technology in almost every aspect of life.

LegalTech Polska is an initiative director to lawyers and IT specialists, and other people interested in new technology.

We invite:

• lawyers associated with law offices,

• in-house lawyers,

• businesses using legal services,

• businesses planning to provide services or products to the legal industry,

• investors planning to invest in such projects,

• individuals interested in pro-bono legal services provision,

• individuals interested in the subject of digitalization of legal services and the justice system,

• academics engaging in the above topic,

• everyone interested in the legal issues related to technology.


Tomasz Zalewski


Tel. +48 502 18 45 96

Also, please consider joining the LegalTech Polska Group at the MeetUp site.

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