Information Technology in Legal Services – Opportunities and Risks

The first LegalTech meeting fully dedicated to the use of information technology in legal services. The event is free.

A detailed information about the meeting (in Polish), link to the registration, FB event website.

Program of the meeting 

1) Legal Tech – from technology supporting lawyers to technology allowing the provision of legal services – Tomasz Zalewski, legal advisor

· Review of current and anticipated uses of information technology in legal services

· New law, legal disruption, legal hackers – how technology is shaping the legal profession

· Barriers to implementation of technology tools – customer needs and market realities

2) Case study of using artificial intelligence in software for the legal profession – prof. Henryk Rybiński (PW)

3) Artificial intelligence in law – dr Michał Araszkiewicz (UJ), dr Tomasz Żurek (UMCS)

· Presentation and discussion of current achievements and directions of research related to artificial intelligence in law

· Potential uses.

· Opportunities and risks.

4) Machine learning in contract analysis – case study – Jarosław Piotrowski (

The meeting is moderated by the Ewa Fabian, adw., research and commercialization specialist Research and Analysis Department CZIiTT PW.

The meeting will be followed by some networking.

2 thoughts on “Information Technology in Legal Services – Opportunities and Risks

  • Dziękuję za ciekawy wykład na temat legaltech’u 🙂 Bardzo dobrą radą było wdrożenie zmian/udoskonaleń w korzystaniu z aktualnie istniejących i powszechnie dostępnych narzędzi takich jak np. word. Ciekawe co pokaże nam przyszłość.

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